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Baby teeth first appear between three and twelve months and by three years your child will have twenty baby teeth. Cutting of baby teeth can be a miserable time for you and your baby. Some babies’ gums swell or their cheeks seem fuller and flushed. To help ease the pain of baby teeth cutting through you can give your baby something to chew on like a cold teether, teething biscuits, or cold food such as frozen bananas.

If your baby has already cut her first baby teeth you will need to take care that she doesn’t puncture her teether or choke on pieces of cold food. You can also gently rub your baby’s gums with a clean finger to provide some relief. or give her a bottle or feeding cup with cool boiled water.

Taking Care of Baby Teeth
As soon as your baby cuts her first baby tooth, it is important to get into a good routine of caring for them. Using a small headed soft brush designed for babies and a natural tooth gel, gently brush her baby teeth using small circular movements twice a day. It is very important to brush gently because more baby teeth may be on their way and your baby’s gums maybe tender.

It is good to get an early start on caring for your baby’s baby teeth so your child gets used to having her teeth brushed regularly. Around eighteen months you can try letting your baby brush her baby teeth herself, but she will need supervising for a few years.

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